2 August 2021

Going to the beach this summer? Be careful for ticks

Whenever the summer period comes, the warnings for ticks gets more and more serious. That’s why there is so much focus on research to the tick problem. New research found out that the black-legged ticks is the most found tick around the beaches in Europe.

Woodlands and high grass

Woodlands such as the backyard is apparently not the only place where ticks like to hide out. The beach is also an ideal place for a tick to spend their time. This is bad news for tourist. The tick is known for carrying the infectious bacterium that causes Lyme disease. 

Ticks on the beach

Until now it was assumed that ticks live in mainly in the woods and places with a lot of (high) grass. The fact that research made clear that ticks are also in many number on the beach means that the problem is even bigger then we hoped.

Lyme disease

Most tick bites don’t lead to disease, the risk of getting seriously ill depends on your health state and the type of tick bite. Sometimes you are just unlucky if you get seriously ill. But it is a fact that it is more common to get a tick bite in the summer then in any other period of the year.

Here are some tips to protect yourself against tick bites

The best way the prevent yourself from getting bitten by a tick is to be very careful  once you are in the woodland or in a grassy area. It sounds very simple, but research the area where you want to hang out before you are going to spend time in this area. For example in if you want to have a picknick on the grass, make sure that it is an open space where no ticks are to be found. Tick repellent clothing is also a well-known way to protect yourself against tick bites.

Other tips are:

  • Avoid long grass when hanging out in nature
  • Wear longs socks (or tick proof socks)
  • Wear light clothes
  • Check yourself for ticks and remove it carefully

There is unfortunately no vaccine or anything else to protect you against tick bites. The only advice that can be given is to just be careful. You can be bitten by ticks at any time so protect yourself and always be aware of you environment.