17 May 2021

Steel Deburring Machine

A steel deburring machine is an ideal tool for helping get rid of burrs on metallic surfaces to achieve polished finishes. During the manufacturing process, most of the materials become indented in some way or another. Therefore, the end product will lose its quality.

Benefits of the machine

Modern manufacturers face significant challenges when it comes to delivering superior quality products. Inasmuch as they can rely upon technology laser cuts, plasma cuts and water jet cutting, burrs will often occur on the metal work pieces. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Speed and feeds: A wide range of these machines have different feed speeds, which are perfect in producing the required finish. When you put the metallic material on a conveyor belt, you can adjust it to the level you want to remove the burr.
  • Slag grinding: A slag is the hardened molten metal left at the bottom of the edge part. Most of these machines can remove a slag of a thickness of up to 6 inches. They are very rigid and offer high-level performance.
  • Abrasive selection: Through the distorted shape gained as you polish a surface, you can apply polish to the end-product to have a smooth and reflective surface.