17 May 2021

Tips for buying an excavator

Buying an excavator is probably not something you do very regularly. Because of this we will provide you with some things to look out for when buying one, good luck!

Inspect the Bucket Thoroughly

Whether buying a new or used excavator, make sure the bucket is in good condition. The bucket is the most vulnerable component of the machine. It’s the component that gets the most use and must be kept in tip-top shape. If you have a new excavator, your bucket can be of good quality. However, if you find a used bucket that’s missing various bolts or welds, the job may be tougher than it seems.

Check the Bolts and Welds

The simplest way to inspect the components that will be used most often is to check for any obvious damage. This may include missing or loose bolts, weak welds, and worn bearings. If there is damage, it’s important to fix the problem or replace the component.

Inspect for General Wear & Tear

Another common issue for used excavators is the general wear and tear that happens over time. This includes a rust or stain in the engine compartment and steering gear, as well as corrosion on certain items, such as on the gears. For example, if the operating hose has gotten a rust stain, this will affect the machine’s control systems.

Paint Inspection

A quick way to find out if there is any significant damage to the paint on the excavator is to put a ballpoint pen in the paint. Any marks or wear that come out can be a sign that there may be significant corrosion underneath the surface.

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Source: https://adrighem.com/